Tools That You Will Need for Wood Working

If you are interested in wood work you will already know that having the right set of tools is key to completing a quality job. You could be doing this as part of your profession, or you could simply be trying things around the house. Either way, knowing which tools you will need will go a long way for you to ensure that the work you are doing is of solid and quality finish.

Power Jointers, Drills and Thickness Planer

The power jointer and the thickness planer will come a pair that is almost inseparable when it comes to the wood work that you need to get done. The joiner will help you make for smooth as well as flat surfaces on all sides of the wood. Things like Makita cordless drills will help you make the necessary holes in the wood for your wood work and the planer will cut the wood into a very carefully measured specific thickness which will also give you parallel blocks of wood.

The Circular Saw

This is something that you might say is rather intimidating. It is also however, a very necessary piece of equipment for any woodworker. With the big circular head that has jagged teeth which can spin at a very fast pace, this particular type of saw will cut through any type of wood with a lot of ease and smoothness. It would be ideal however for you to do get some rough dimensioning done.


If you want to get your wood cut up into different sizes and shapes this is the tool to go with. You will have all the instructions provided to you on the packaging when you buy this tool and they are also called panel saws and fish saws. Because of the fact that you have better control over the handsaw, you will be able to get a better cut.

The Router

This is basically a power tool that will be used to make a hollow in the face of any kind of wood. It can be a very versatile tool and will also be able to help you in carving out any type of decorative edges and form raised panels in the work that you are doing. If you need to make any grooves and carve any signs these are also things that you will be able to get done. A router of this type is a rather indispensable tool that must be there in your tool box.


The jigsaw power tool is one that uses an electric motor that also has a reciprocating saw blade. You can also use this to make any curved and straight cuts in the materials that you are using and they do not have to be limited to just wood. The interesting fact here is that in the days past, jigsaw puzzles were actually done by painting a picture on the flat surface of wood and then cutting that image up into pieces with the jigsaw, which is how the tool derives its name.

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