The 3 most popular false vehicle improvement misconceptions

Taking care of a vehicle is never a hard task but improving sure is. The reason why most people disregard all the chances of improving their vehicles is due to being drowned in myths and misconceptions.

In this read, we will go through the 4 most popular ones that you sure have heard once in a while. Because at the end of the day, the poor knowledge of a person should never be the reason why you don’t get to improve your vehicle in the 2020s.

Shopping online is never a good idea

There used to be a time when the internet was a questionable place. This era was from the early 2000s to the late 2000s. The reason behind this was the sheer difficult access to the internet and the fact that online payments were extremely risky. On top of that, online businesses were only a concept that back.

But today, following a global pandemic, people spend time online more than they do in real life. The businesses that understood the sheer importance of functioning seamlessly in cyberspace are absolutely dominating giving deals that no physical shop could. Why? Because they just don’t have the utility bills of a costly showroom; you get the best stuff from the warehouses with the hotness still present.

The interconnectivity of parts is not so much interconnected

This misconception is probably the biggest reason why most engines die too early, and most vehicles hardly live up to the company standards of mileage. For example, the filter is connected to the pump, and the pump is connected to the injectors; there’s a two-way interconnection that requires all of these factors to function properly for the expected results.

On the flip side, we all know how cold air intake kits help the engine to receive more cooler air, and how cooler air contains more oxygen in a given volume over regular air. Thus, unless for a regulator, this pressure difference is not going to be perceived in a rather sustainable way. Hence, if someone is saying that you can settle for a set of low-quality injectors as the rest is of top quality, they’re scamming you.

If the machine can’t read it, so can’t you

OBD readers are quite a blessing in diving into the finer electronic aspects of a vehicle. But will there ever be a machine that can compare and contrast the tread depth? This is why you shouldn’t allow the machines and machines only to do the diagnosis. Because the tyre pressure could be perfectly fine with the most uneven tread wearing off pattern. Considering all these factors, you should always have that talk with your mechanic and learn as much as you can, and also on your own to ensure that you know your vehicle better than a machine.


There are several other absolutely baseless misconceptions that don’t even deserve to be dissected. The bottom line is that, if you sense something fundamentally wrong about logic, you should probably think twice before applying it to your loving vehicle.