Planning Your Kids Birthday Party: Top to Dos


Birthday parties are not difficult to plan if you know what the most important to dos are. Here are the key things that you will focus on as you plan a kids birthday party.

Pick a Theme

Almost all kids’ birthday parties are based on a theme. This makes a kid’s party more fun,and is a great way to get the birthday boy or girl feel excited and special. You can also get super creative in terms of décor and props when you work around a specific theme.

Consider a movie or place that your child loves, or his/her favourite characters or toys. Additionally, themes help narrow down your choices of party dresses, making it easier for you to pick the perfect one. Look for some of the amazing stores around you and get birthday ready with the range of party dresses they have on offer!

Start Working on the Guest List

A lot of people make the mistake of taking things easy when it comes to the guest list in particular. In most cases, the guest list gets revised a considerable number of times, and so, it is always a good idea to start working on it at the earliest. The earlier you finalize it, the more assured you are that the invitations go out in time. Guest lists are easier to work on when youstick to a specific type or age range. If it is a ‘kids only’ party for instance, your guest list is obviously going to be a lot simpler.

Choose the Ideal Venue

It is a good idea to consider to the above factors when you want to select a venue for the party. When you’ve got a theme in mind, and have a certain type of guests that will be coming in, you need to make sure that the venue you have chosen facilitates the above. For instance, you might find outdoor venues more suitable for themes like ‘Moana’ or jungle/beach-based themes. Also make sure the venue is completely safe especially when most or all of your guest s are going to be little kids.

Come Up with a Menu

Once again, you need to consider the above factors when you decide on a menu. If yours is a kids-only party, you will need to think about allergies and intolerances, and choose food items that are completely child friendly. It is best not to take a chance, and that you avoid including foods like peanuts. Keep the menu as simple as possible so your little guests can indulge and enjoy without a problem!

Décor and Props

A theme-based party is nothing without suitable décor and a perfect setting. This is something you will need to spend on mostly, and you should make sure it is worth it. The décor will do all the talking when it comes to a birthday party, a theme-based one in particular. Thus, you need to make sure it turns out spectacular. You could opt for DIYs, or hand over matters to professionals to have a flawless set up done.

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