Pet Stuff: A 101 Buying Guide for Horse Clippers


Getting into the habit of clipping your horse can provide great advantages and comfort to them, especially if it’s a hardworking one. It also helps prevent certain sickness such as mud fever. Not to mention, if you’ve got very little time in your hands to constantly groom your horse, horse clipping it can make the burden of the task easier, while continuing to keep your horse feeling fresh at the same time.

In order to be able to accomplish these advantages to the fullest, it’s often best to take your time and do a bit of research on the various brands, prices, etc. in order to make a smart investment. You can do this by either browsing online or even seeking out help from a specialist. In order to help you from our end, here is a sweet and simple guide to help you buy the right horse clippers.

Know the three range categories

Light duty clippers – when it comes to clipping shorter and thinner horse coats, the light duty clippers make for a great choice. Its motor is unique and comparatively less noisy, which makes it an even better choice if your horse is sensitive to noise or even a young breed. The blade is easy to fix as well as remove with zero cleaning hassle. However, this specific clipper does not work if the owner has more than one horse to look after and take care of.

Medium duty clippers – the medium duty clippers are often known to be the most preferred range amongst clippers, due to their power, handling and ability to clip all types of horse coat. These clippers make use of blades that are full-width. If you own around three to five horses, medium duty clippers are the way to go. While you’re often provided with medium blades, you could also get your hands on coarser ones if need be.

Heavy duty clippers – you can buy horse clippers online, including the heavy-duty clippers. These clipper motors are extremely powerful in order to fulfill heavy work such as clipping more than five or so horses often. This range of clippers is often bought by those who need them for more commercial and professional purposes.  They are also known for their durability and full-width blade length.

The different types of clippers

The type of clippers available depends and is defined by its motor. For example:

  • Pivot and Magnetic Motors – both are similar in design concepts and are used from light to medium ranges
  • A Permanent Magnet Motor – used for all three ranges and is a direct drive
  • Universal Rotary Motor – usually made use of in heavy duty clippers and spins extremely fast

Helpful tips to keep in mind

Some of the things worth keeping in mind while purchasing are, the proper use of clipper oil, a back-up set of blades for secondary purposes, having a basic idea on the input and output of the clipper.

Once you’re all set on the basic knowledge of clippers, you’ll know which choice to go with!

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