First-time guitar cable buyer’s guide for the 2020s

The guitar is one of the most contemporarytypesof musical instruments. After all, the role of the guitarist is only second to that of the vocalist in a band. But SLASH from Guns n’ Roses sure changed the game. In your journey to becoming the next SLASH, you’ll need to supply yourself with the fundamental accessories from time to time; guitar cables are one such type.

In this read, we’re going to share some of the practical tips so that you can buy better cables in the 2020s.

Avoid shopping from international sellers

If you compare prices of guitar cables between local and international sellers, chances are high that international sellers sell for a ridiculously low price. You might think that this was because they have no store utility or employee expenses but most of the time, it’s due to the low quality.

Even if they offered you a returningpolicy, you just might not go through the annoyance. Instead, what you should do is shopping from your local store. Now that most companies allow you to order online, you don’t have to worry about going out at all.

Ensure the length is not too long nor too short

In physics, the resistance of an electrical circuit almost always increases with the distance that the current has to travel. This is why there is such a massive potential difference between power generating stations and domestic circuit boards.

In the same way, when the cable length is too long, that increases the portion of the signal lost during the conveyance, and when the cable is too short, maneuverability is going to be an issue. Thus, when you want to get some cables, it’s much better to land on a medium-length cable most of the time.

Double-check the stiffness

Not all cables were created with flexibility. Although you may think that extra stiffness ensures extra safety, it does not; cable safety comes from the thickness and not the stiffness.

Increasing the stiffness is only going to make it hard to handle the cables, and that’s just not going to be the most pleasant experience. Because when the cable won’t lie still or hard to store, you’re going to end up damaging them, forcing them to be more flexible.

Consider the conductor’s quality

Conducting always depends on the material. Hence, when a person asks you to go for a gold conductor of your cable, the core purpose is not to last longer with no corrosion.

The main objective is to increase the conductivity. Hence, your first choice should always be gold conductors. Although copper is good, it’s definitely as not good as gold. Keeping these technical details in your mind is quite important.

Shop before the COVID-19 pandemic prices end

Now that the market has lowered its prices, it’s better to make all your purchases including the cables before the pandemic prices come to an end. Because once companies realize everything is back to normal, there’s no need to keep the prices any longer.

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