Cleaning and Maintaining Your Diaper Bag


How do you maintain your baby bag germ-free? Read our tips for cleaning your baby’s diaper bag and making it seem like new.

Keeping Your Diaper Bag Clean

Diaper bags for babies are infamous for getting filthy. They’re a stain and dirt minefield. Consider spilt milk, mushy bananas, and filthy floors, not to forget your baby’s pee, dribbles, poo, and reflux, all of which will wreak havoc on your diaper bag. If you want a bag which can withstand all this, make traveling easier with Spewy’s baby travel bag.

As a young mom, you’re essentially carrying your entire existence in your diaper bag. And, because your bag serves multiple purposes – as a hospital bag, a backpack, and, of course, a backpack for baby outings – you’ll want to ensure it remains nice. So, let’s get started on cleaning your diaper bag.

First, unload your diaper bag.

Before you begin cleaning, remove all of the compartments and take everything out. Roll the bags inward to remove any remaining crumbs.

Start with the most significant stains.

Fill a basin with soap and warm water or a tiny bit of detergents and an old tea cloth. In the basin, soak your tea cloth, dry it out, and lightly massage away the spots. Add a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate to your mix if you have some particularly tough stains to remove.

The majority of diaper bags are composed of cotton or polyester and may be safely washed with soapy water. If you’ve had a leather diaper bag, however, you may need to use specialized products to avoid destroying it. Before proceeding, double-check the inside wash label of your bag.

Clean the Insides

Clean the interior of your travel bag using a little damp tea cloth and a fresh bowl of hot soapy water, rubbing in a clockwise direction. Turning your backpack inside out allows you to reach deep into all those compartments and down to the lining’s bottom.

Wipe the exterior

You can wash the outside of your travel bag following the same steps as the previous method. Wipe the outside of your bag with a tea towel in circular motions, removing any dirt that has accumulated. Treat the grips the same way. Finally, a couple of baby wipes on the exterior of your bag will give it the ideal finish.

 Allow your diaper bag to air dry.

Hold your bag inside out with the compartments open to let any extra water drop out while it dries. Avoid placing your diaper bag in the dryer since it can ruin it and cause it to lose form.  Some good quality bags have an easily cleanable, easy-to-clean fabric, so you won’t have to worry about stains. Leatherette grips and pullers are also included, which may be washed down if they become soiled.

Regrettably, cleaning your backpack is only the first step. The majority of high-quality diaper bags have a baby change mat, which could get much messy than your bag. The hard work isn’t done yet…