Basic Guidelines to Taking NMN Supplements


Ageing is an aspect that we are all trying to slow down. People live longer due to advancements in public health and medicine. However, there are research conducted regarding mitigating the negative effects of ageing. The focus is on staying healthy for a long time. This is where NMN supplements are given a lot of consideration as there are many types of researches and studies that look at its effects against ageing.

The reason that NMN has become popular is that it helps to keep up the level of NAD+ in the body. NAD+ is a molecule that is required for so many cellular processes including the production of cellular energy and contributing to the repairs of DNA. We tend to gradually lose the quantity of NAD+ in our body as we age and NMN is a supplement that targets this. It will ensure that the levels of NAD+ remain at optimal levels in order for the cell processes to take place properly. There are different companies that manufacture these supplements. It is best to follow the dosing instructions given on the label. Generally, you will need to take it once or twice a day. It is best to take it in the morning so that you can achieve what you want for the day with the boost of energy that it provides.

If you are wondering “how long should I be taking NMN supplements?”, this will depend on your requirement. You don’t need to take a high dose of NMN for it to be effective. There are clinical trials carried out on humans as well to get an idea of the dosage required. It has been found that no side effects have been observed when humans are given several doses of NMN to a maximum of about 500mg. In a study carried out by scientists at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, it was found that 250mgwas sufficient for the improvement of insulin sensitivity in older women.For the study, these results were observed when 250mg doses were taken daily over a 10 week period. It has also been found out in other studies that NMN can improve muscle function in a sample group of men over the age of 65 when the same dosage was followed for 3 months.

However, 500mg is a safe dose for those in the age range of 30 and 60 years old. This will be about 2nos of 250mg supplements. However, you will see effects from 250mg as well. It is best to get your family doctor’s opinion on this as well. People who are over the age of 65 years will be able to safely take a high dosage. There are other supplements that you can use for anti-ageing effects with NMN as well. Resveratrol supplements are one such example. The body can easily absorb NMN when taken orally. You don’t need to take it sublingually as it has been proven that taking it orally is sufficient for optimal absorption. Make sure that you store the supplement in a cool and dry place.

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