6 Benefits of Using Beard Oil That You Didn’t Know

A well-maintained beard for a man is similar to a head of great hair for the ladies. Itadds character, flair and overall showcases great personality and style. Beards grow differently on all men and each has their own style or look that fits the frame of their face the best. Regardless of what option you prefer all beards deserve some extra care to bring out its true potential. Listed are 6 benefits of using beard oil (yes beard oil does exist) that you probably didn’t know about.

Nourishes and Hydrates

Just like head hair, beards too need nourishment and hydration to grow thicker and lustier. It does not matter whether you have a fully-grown beard or just a few patches waiting to grow. Using natural, high quality beard oils locks in moisture leaving the beard soft and healthy.

Initial Boost

It is a commonly known fact in order for hair to grow it needs to be trimmed often. This applies to even beards. If you are starting out to grow your beard and it’s looking a little patchy and messy beard oil will help boost the growth. Once the beard has been trimmed gently massage the oil into places you need it to grow out. Made with carrier and essential oils it is designed to open up hair follicles enabling hair growth. 

Zero Itchiness and Flakes

Did you know dandruff could be on beards too? Just like for head hair, dust, dirt and dry skin can cause dandruff and itchiness on beards. It is an uncomfortable sensation and looks quite unattractive to be scratching your chin every few minutes.

The itchiness can also be because of the thickness, hence why beards need to be trimmed every so often to clear out the pores. The beard oil rubbed into a freshly washed and cut beard heals any dry skin and prevents dust and other particles from clogging in the hair.

Smells Great

Similar to perfume, beard oils come in different scents adding appeal to how you look and feel. It gives off a fresh look even after a long day. The essential oils used to produce the oil leaves a musky smell that is bound to turn heads.

Helps with Sensitive Skin

The skin on your face is probably the most sensitive from your entire body. It is the most prone to dust and sweat and can easily react to chemicals from different products. Beard oils are catered to all skin types ensuring natural ingredients that do not react but heals skin from irritation. It even dries by razor cuts and soothes injured hair follicles.

Fill in The Gaps

Sometimes men struggle growing hair in certain places on their face. Beard oil speeds up hair growth helping to even out the hair growth from the cheeks to the chin.

With all the information you just gained it’s a no-brainer you need to get beard oil for yourself or you can definitely think of someone who needs it. So, get your luscious beard on.